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Organic Milk 82.6% Sweetcream Butter - Ukraine

We are privileged to have access to multiple Ukranian butters and this brand does not disappoint! When they say 'sweetcream', they mean it!

This stuff is just fun. The company's website is delightfully ESL and they only do three different butters- all of which we've managed to sample. They produce consistently lovely product which has a unique texture profile compared to most of the other supermarket options readily available in Dubai!

They produce a myriad of different dairy products from milk to yogurt to kefir. So far, we've stuck to butter but we're excited about trying out the rest of their product line.

Once Covid has settled down, we can't wait to go visit them and see what other delights their operation has in store for us!


Organic Milk 82.6% Butter Appreciation

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: 14/10/2020

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Point of Procurement: Carrefour, MoE

Purchase State: Fresh

Milk: Cow; Pasteurised

Salt Content: None

Milk Fat Content: 82.6%

Ingredients: Organic pasteurised cream (milk).

Company Website:

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss Organic Milk 82.6% butter.

We were lucky enough to sample all three of these butters one autumn afternoon. Being Dubai in October, it was still unreasonably hot so we got to see how these butters behaved in the standard 24ºC temperature controlled testing venue and they became soft quite quickly! Even when purchased directly from the shop, they had to be handled delicately for fear of damaging the packaging.

Interestingly, the packaging is a thin, matte plastic that protects the butter well. We suspect that the standard foiled paper would be insufficient to protect these delightful little nuggets from the elements, even if they were less harsh.

This butter is SOFT and shiny. It's hard to get on to bread because it's so delicate but it's

the perfect butter for spreading onto delicate breads or pastries that would rip under normal circumstances.

Upon closer inspection, the 82.6% has a delightfully fresh aroma. It's clean and clear and almost sweet. This is a happy little butter.

The taste is equally clean, milky and with notes of sweetness that clear quickly off the palate. It's just a pleasure to eat with the only downside being that it's difficult to get a proper wedge of butter on the bread! Hardly something to meaningfully complain about, we think.

Final Rundown

This butter quickly became one of our favourites. We've sampled on more than one occasion and it's always a treat to have in the fridge! It's not tangy or punchy but just clean, soft, milky with notes of cream without being terribly heavy. Just lovely!

Colour: Very light yellow with high gloss.

Aroma: Milky and sweet.

Taste: Clean, sweet cream.


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