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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry. The whole concept of The International Butter Club is weird and wonderful. Please enjoy this collection of FAQs carefully curated from our butter community and the people we meet at bars who just can't believe this is real. 

Is The International Butter Club real?

Yes. It is. No longer just a punchline, we've determined that butter is an unfairly maligned, delicious, nutritious and important culinary masterpiece and deserves to be taken seriously in the wider world gastronomically, environmentally, historically and culturally. We aim to raise the profile of people doing great work, not just with butter, but with all traditionally produced animal fats, especially the ones who are doing so with respect to the local environment, the animals' quality of life and the integrity of their local communities. 


Where is the IBC and can I come visit?

We are currently based in Dubai, UAE (the Middle East). You're welcome to come visit but we can't yet host anyone. We have members all over the globe including Canada, the US, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, the UK, Latvia, Mexico and Japan. 


Do you sell/ distribute butter?

Not yet. We're working on it but the international distribution of a highly-regulated, perishable dairy product is challenging to say the least. Not to mention we would source and then distribute butters all over the planet.

This means butter subscription boxes, butters of the month, etc. aren't possible at this point in time but the more people join this community, the faster this could become a reality. Tell your friends. This is very much the dream goal!


How many butters have you reviewed?

As of this writing, we've reviewed 45 different butters from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia/ New Zealand... but we have at least another 40 in the pipeline. Our goal is to have sampled 100 different butters from all continents by the end of 2022!


What is the most interesting butter the IBC has come across?

Love this question (and its variants). 'Interesting' is an interesting word. We like butter that's noticeable, so we find unpasteurised butters very cheesy and unctuous and fascinating and enjoyable. Likewise, the camel ghee (clarified butter) that's available here in Dubai has an intriguing taste profile that's mind-blowing for certain types of food. We're adding new butters and flavours and experiences all the time!


Can you include a section about traditional and modern butter making equipment?

This is an incredible idea. We're working on it!


How much butter is too much butter?

How much is too much? When it's your cause of death on the certificate. Otherwise, renowned Michelin Starred chef and culinary genius Michel Roux Jr once divulged that his family's mashed potatoes are, proportionately, almost 1/2 butter and we support this stance. 


"With enough butter, anything is good."
- Her Majesty, The Late Julia Child



Why does butter taste so good?

Because real butter is a whole food. Your tongue and your body automatically know through generations of evolutionary biology what is nutritious: when we're talking unprocessed foods, things that are tasty and satisfying are an indicator of nutrient-dense, nourishing foods. Beware of franked-foods, engineered to hit those evolutionary sweet-spots. But if we're talking whole, unprocessed, traditional butter (ghee or rendered fats like dripping or lard), it tastes good because it IS good. 


Why should I join The International Butter Club?

Because you love butter and right now, membership is still free for producers, consumers and general enthusiasts!

We strive to build a community of like-minded connoisseurs who value and appreciate butter diversity, flavour and texture profiles, traditional uses and its place in the culinary world. 

We also aim to offer members priority access to knowledge and outreach, as well as discounts on merchandise, butter subscriptions and partner services (coming soon!) 


Do you really just sit around eating sticks of butter from different lands like in Bride Wars?



Join us!

Let's Make the World a Butter Place:

Are you a farmer, producer, artisan, butcher, chef, baker or just starting out? We love butter but we also do tallow, dripping, lard and rendered fats of all types! 

We'd love to hear from you!

Please get in touch at:

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