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About the Founder


Justine elamatha

Amateur butter enthusiast puts the 2020 Quarantine 15 to good use.

Born in Canada in the late 1900s, Justine calls Canada, the USA, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, the UK and the UAE home. 

After surviving her childhood devoted to picky eating and eccentric hair styles, she increasingly came to love and value everything to do with food, particularly butter, much to her mother's chagrin. 


She is an educator by profession but spends much of her time sampling butters from all over the world, which she has decided to document for your culinary enjoyment. The variation is astounding, impressive and worthy of your time. 


Her main hobbies include food system research, composting, cooking, eating, maintaining a clandestine rooftop garden, keeping her children alive trying to authentically recreate all her favourite food and trying to keep the tortoise out of the house. Her passions include all saturated cooking fats, vermicomposting and soil regeneration. 


She adores June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson and Kathryn Hahn. 


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