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The Method & Criteria

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The official International Butter Club method and criteria for consistent butter appreciation and evaluation.

Butter is delicious and nutritious. It deserves to be honoured and appreciated as its own food group. We welcome all butters as long as they meet the criteria for butter.



Butter: a definition

For the purposes of the International Butter Club, 'butter' shall be defined as follows:

  • Predominately composed of of dairy, nut, seed, maple or cookie.

    • Dairy butter is classified as 'Butter.'

    • Nut, seed, maple or cookie butter are defined as 'Other Butter.'

  • Pasturised, unpasturised, cultured or rendered.

    • (This includes clarified butter, whey butter and ghee. 'Spreadable' is tolerated but has to sit at the Kids' Table.)

  • Butter may be processed but must still meet the commercial requirements for the definition of 'butter' in the country of origin.

  • Butter may be salted or unsalted.

  • Delicious.

Fat: a definition

For the purposes of the International Butter Club, 'fat' shall be defined as follows:

  • Saturated cooking fat.

  • May be of animal or plant origin.

  • Delicious.


Appreciation Method & Evaluation Criteria

Transparency is key for scores and ghee.

Appreciation Method

  1. Butter must be at room temperature (24º Celsius).

  2. Butter to be sampled on a neutral medium, preferably Carrefour baguette tradition demi-cuite or similar.

  3. Wherever possible, unsalted butter(s) will be appreciated before salted.

  4. Butter must not be appreciated for evaluation purposes when the appreciator is either starving or stuffed.

  5. The appreciator will park all personal biases. Butter is butter and we are not worthy.

  6. Disclosure: I personally prefer salted butter. Come at me.

Butter Information

The appreciator will endeavour to supply the following information to allow for full appreciation of each evaluated butter:

  • Appreciation date (dd/mm/yyyy)

  • Country of origin

  • Point of procurement

  • Purchase state (fresh/frozen/restaurant/etc.)

  • Price (if possible)

  • Type (milk type, pasteurisation)

  • Salt content

  • Ingredients

  • Online presence (where available)

  • Additional Information (as relevant)

  • Concise commentary

Appreciation Criteria

Notes will be provided on the tasting, notably:

  • Colour

  • Aroma

  • Taste

  • Texture

  • Versatility

In the event of the contribution from a child appreciator, the adult score will be weighted at 80% and the child score will be weighted at 20% of the final score. If said child(ren) appreciator(s) are in a snit or otherwise unavailable, the adult evaluation will comprise 100% of the final appreciation score.

Final Appreciation Score

Child score: Out of/5 (20%)

Adult score: Out of/5 (80%)


Adult Butter Enthusiast Score: Out/10 (100%)


Ultimate Appreciation Score: Out of/10

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