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Latteria Chiuro Burro Gold Valtellina - Italy

Somehow one of the more 'Italian' Italian butters, this dairy Co-op butter makes a great blank canvas for delicate flavours.

When trying to figure out how to title this butter, we had a good laugh at ourselves about our Italian pronunciation and at just how long names can BE in Italian.

The coop supplying Latteria Chiuro's milk was founded in 1957 at the base of the Italian Alps and they pride themselves on their terroir, as well as their traditions and the quality of their produce.

Indeed, having Alpine and Alpine-adjacent farmland as the base for your dairy product base is extremely fortunate and competitive. Latteria Chiuro does a wide variety of cheeses, yoghurts, eggs and even greens! They actually produce two kinds of butter, the 'gold' being their top-of-the-line range. We only caught this one, so we'll be on the lookout to taste their standard butter too!


Burro Gold Valtellina Butter Appreciation

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: August 7, 2022

Country of Origin: Italy

Purchase State: Fresh

Milk: Cow, pasteurised

Salt Content: None

Milk Fat Content: 82%

Ingredients: Not Listed

Packaging Type: Plastified paper

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss Latteria Chiuro's unsalted butter.

This butter is nice and solid at room temperature, making it a better choice for butter dishes.

As you can see from the photo, it's been churned very nicely and produces a good stretchy crumble as part of the texture. Though the picture doesn't quite do it credit, it's a beautiful bright white with a medium gloss inside and out.

The aromas of this butter are discrete but somewhat more tangy than most Italian butters. It by no means smells fermented or strongly of much but there is at least a little depth to its faint fresh milk aroma.

In the mouth, the taste of this butter is non existent. It's bright, clean fat on the palate and maybe a whisper of milk as it clears but there really is very little going on here in terms of taste profile.

The texture is nice and substantial without being chewy, and it also clears the mouth very quickly.

Final Rundown

We are very torn on this one. It really has such a discrete flavour profile that it's practically non-existent. It reminds us of the blank slate that is vegetable lard or shortening. The only thing that 'saves' it is the fact that it has a slightly interesting aroma. We generally like our butters to taste of SOMETHING - to compliment the dish and enhance it somewhere but if you absolutely hate the taste of butter, this one would be perfect for you.

Colour: Bright white

Aroma: Vaguely tangy fresh milk

Taste: None.

6.5/10 or 9/10 if you hate buttery butter.

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