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L&L Plaquette Beurre Salé - Belgium

Unpasteurised butter is exciting, complex and rare! Unique, artisanal and raw milk salted butter has arrived in Dubai at The International Butter Club!

Not only is this our first unpasteurised butter but it (and its unsalted counterpart) are our first Belgian butters! Grâce a dieu, both are available in Dubai, tasty little buttery nuggets.

There is absolutely no need to be worried about unpasteurised butter (unless you have a medical need to be careful) - it comes with its own infinitely more complex and diverse microbiome... and flavour profile!

The first time we had unpasteurised butter was in England and it was a revelation. The complexity and depth of flavour were unparalleled in the mouth and the flavours changed and developed, without ever going rancid, over the short time it was in our refrigerator.

It's fantastic stuff and if you get the chance to try it, do!


L&L Plaquette Beurre Salé Butter Appreciation

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: January 8, 2021

Country of Origin: Belgium

Point of Procurement: Secrets Fine Food

Purchase State: Frozen

Milk: Cow, unpasteurised

Salt Content: 1.5%

Milk Fat Content: None

Ingredients: Cream (Milk), water, salt (max 1.5%), ferments

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss L&L Plaquette's Salted Unpasteurised butter.

Ooh, we do love the look of this stuff! It photographs so beautifully on top of being a wonderfully interesting and captivating butter. Look at its little cape!

Granted, the colours got a bit saturated due to the light on the day but the colour is indeed an intense, rich, translucent yellow. It's quite a soft butter and is medium-high glossy all the way through.

The aromas on this one are intense too! The tang of the ferments hit the nose powerfully with almost hard-cheese notes to it. Full flavour, this one!

As you can see here, the texture of this is really unique. It shreds itself apart - no stretch or crumble here! Though it's homogenous, we really like the slight colour variance within the butter nugget.

The aroma is, like its counterpart, very cheesy and fermented - fascinating!

In the mouth, this one is both light and rich at the same time. It's very tangy with cheesy notes which are complimented well by the salt level. Interestingly, it has some of the same moisture bubbles as the other unpasteurised butter but we like the texture variance with the complex flavours. Salt tempers the progression of the fermentation and it lingers just enough on the palate to leave you wanting more. Really nice.

Final Rundown

This is an exceptional butter. We love the depth and complexity of flavour and the variance in texture. Every bit is as exciting as the next! Its only drawbacks could be that it's just too powerful a butter for some and even though we liked the moisture bubbles from time to time, sometimes there were a bit too many. Delicious artisanal butter, though!

Colour: Brilliant, deep yellow.

Aroma: Cheesy and pungent.

Taste: Salty, cheesy butter.


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