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Graham's Slightly Salted Scottish Butter - UK (Scotland)

What a delight it was to see another region of the UK represented on our shelves! We were particularly excited to see that this butter came with a UK Great Taste award. Did we concur? Read on, dear fellow butter enthusiast...

Oh my word. We won't waste your time by wittering on and taking up blog space. This butter stands out, even months later, as a 'treat' butter. This is one we get out when we want to show off. Fully deserving of its Great Taste 2019 Award, Graham's produces excellent work but its Slightly Salted offering really does take (make??) the biscuit.


Graham's Slightly Salted Scottish Butter

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: 17/05/2021

Country of Origin: UK (Scotland)

Point of Procurement: Lulu Hypermarket Al Barsha (Dubai)

Purchase State: Fresh

Milk: Cow; Pasteurised

Salt Content: 1.1%

Milk Fat Content: 82.2%

Ingredients: Butter (milk), Salt (1.1%)

Declared Possible Allergens: Milk

Company Website:

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss Graham's Slightly Salted Scottish butter.

We sampled this butter with a whole hoard of others and it was the best of the bunch. Something about the level of salt really elevated the flavour profile of the butter without obliterating the more delicate aromas in a metallic sledgehammer (which can happen with others).

This butter was a solid, matte yellow. Opaque with some flaking, which, in our humble opinion, is usually an excellent indicator of good things to come. Upon on unwrapping, we noted aromas of sea salt and dairy- light and promising!

A crumbly looking butter usually has a less homogenous mouthfeel, which means a varied flavour experience. To put it concisely: It's exciting to eat! Its texture is strong with good integrity but with a crumbly mouthfeel. The variation means there are little pockets that are saltier and little bits that are milkier. Here, you can see how textured it is at room temperature. Spread on bread, Graham's Slightly Salted keeps your tongue on its toes! The flavour profile of this one is spectacular: Very clean, clear dairy 'fat', melting to salty dairy that clears to salty, buttery deliciousness. The salt is well balanced and brings out the best in the butter, rather than overpower it. Our notes indicate that the texture of this butter elevates its flavour and aroma profiles to a different level!

Great Taste indeed!

Final Rundown

Graham's Slightly Salted Scottish Butter is an exceptional butter and one of our favourites! Its crumbly texture and flavour profile variation set it apart from many other butters. We don't dare cook with this one- save it for enjoying with fresh bread or your charcuterie boards!

Colour: Matte, solid yellow

Aroma: Slight seaside dairy

Taste: Clean milk. Gentle salt. Varied. Exciting.


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