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Emborg Salted Butter- Denmark

Our first Danish butter was extremely cagey about its origins! At first we thought it was Belgian but our beautiful Belgian friend educated us otherwise!

Though it is a blend of different European milks, Emborg produces a consistent Danish butter with a higher moisture content. Though it lags in its market share in comparison to its competitive juggernaut, Lurpak, Emborg certain deserves a place at the table.

We hadn't heard of Emborg before we started scouting out different butter brands locally available to us in Dubai, so we were very pleased to see it! We even got overexcited because it said it was manufactured in Belgium... however, since it's a Danish brand, it's being classified as a Danish butter for our purposes. And so, while we continue to look for Belgian butter, we enjoy our Danish offering!

Just a warning though: 'a pinch' in Denmark is based on, presumably, larger Danish hands!


Emborg Salted Butter Appreciation

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: 07/11/2021

Country of Origin: Denmark

Point of Procurement: Kibsons

Purchase State: Froson

Milk: Cow; Pasteurised

Salt Content: Slated; Not indicated

Milk Fat Content: 80%

Ingredients: Cream, salt, lactic culture

Declared Possible Allergens: Cows' milk

Company Website:

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss Emborg's salted butter.

Emborg are producing a European-type butter, which means it is cultured with lactic bacteria. This generally gives butter a richer, more fermented, complex taste, like French butter, which is always a good thing!

Sadly, like Lurpak, we did detect some packaging interference with the aroma. As this butter's aroma is quite discrete, it did impinge on the slightly fermented notes.

This butter is a very light yellow with a solid texture, even at room temperature. It is fully matte, with no gloss whatsoever.

The first tasting notes we get is SALT, then some tangy ferment. It is most definitely a properly cultured butter but the salt on this feels powerful. Eventually, the salt let the butteriness through on the palate and it has a nice, lingering richness.

The one surprise this one gave us was its texture- it was extremely stiff on the mouth feel and added some interesting texture difference to the experience. Another unexpected texture difference was that there seemed to be a lack of texture homogeneity which made this butter more interesting to eat. Whether or not it was intended, there were slight salt pocket with bursts of salty moisture here and there which was a nice surprise.

Final Rundown

Overall, this is a nice butter with a very salt-forward profile. If you're looking for Danish butter with a little more interest to it, then Emborg is a nice choice, since it's got little salty surprises sprinkled throughout the butter. Best used for fresh or charcuterie boards, Emborg has a rich, powerful flavour that is not afraid to sit up and take centre stage! Shame about the packaging.

Colour: Light, solid, matte yellow.

Aroma: Faint ferment with notes of packaging.

Taste: SALT. Varied, powerful, buttery.


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