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Anchor UK - UK (England)

Anchor UK rounds out our Anchor butter reviews! Produced in Wiltshire by Arla Foods, its parent company is still the New Zealand Anchor we know and love, but with a beautiful British product that's quite different from its Kiwi counterpart.

According to Wikipedia, Anchor butter in the UK used to be imported from New Zealand until 2012, when Arla took over the license and started production for the local market. The results are a single company with several very different products, all of which we are lucky enough to find in Dubai!

We wish we could show you the time we absolutely STOCKED UP on Anchor UK butter when we were living just outside of London- it was on sale at the local supermarket and we came home with at least 10 blocks of it. It was absolutely delicious and quite on the mark for British butter. Smooth, solid and a great all-purpose butter!

We also appreciate that Anchor UK makes a point to use as much recyclable packaging as they can and also provide tips and tricks about how to reduce food waste.


Anchor UK's Butter Appreciation

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: 05/11/2021

Country of Origin: United Kingdom (England)

Point of Procurement: Park n' Shop, DIP, Dubai

Purchase State: Fresh

Milk: Cow; pasteurised

Salt Content: 1.7%

Milk Fat Content: Not indicated.

Ingredients: Milk, salt.

Declared Possible Allergens: Cows' milk

Company Website:

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss Company X's butter.

This is a butter we're quite familiar with and we really enjoy using day-to-day. It has a slightly more complex flavour profile than many British butters which makes for a nice change.

This butter is intensely rigid, even at Dubai room temperatures. It's a nice, opaque, creamy, light yellow with a low gloss.

Again, Anchor UK's butter has a slightly richer profile than other British butter which is evident right from the aroma. Though still discrete, there are definite notes of rich butter and salt and a slight tang without ferment.

The aromas are repeated nicely on the palate with a tangy buttery flavour without the ferment of French butter. It's complex with a slight, metalic edge to it and is salt forward, which makes sense given the relatively high salt content.

Final Rundown

This is a great little butter that is excellent to just enjoy off the block or in cooking but its particular strength is that it's great in butter dishes, especially in warm countries. It keeps its rigidity in warmer environments and still remains spreadable. Its salt content is a little strong so consider adjusting recipes, especially with pastry.

Colour: Opaque, light yellow. Low gloss.

Aroma: Tangy butter.

Taste: Delicious tangy butter.


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