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Paysan Breton Le Beurre Moulé Demi-Sel - France

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

After three personal recommendations, of course the IBC had to profile this one! Proper French butter from Brittany is always a delight and it's so easy to comprehend why this one has captured the hearts of so many.

Nom nom nom. In this, our first venture into the butters of Brittany, we delve into a butter that is a fixed fan favourite amongst butter enthusiasts. Paysan Breton, established as a dairy cooperative in 1969, has a firmly established presence in the international butter market and with good reason. It's well diversified with an array of good quality cheese, milk and butter products that are consistent in quality and quantity, even during a global pandemic. Full points.

Also, its packaging is really cute. They have a lovely little section on their website detailing the history of their company and their packaging has been frequently tweaked but always charming. Their current wrapper is not foil or paper but thin plastic and is crinkly and great for those ASMR fans out there!


Paysan Breton Le Beurre Moulé Demi-Sel Appreciation

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: 16/08/2020

Country of Origin: France

Point of Procurement: Carrefour, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Purchase State: Fresh

Milk: Cow, pasteurised

Salt Content: Demi-sel

Milk Fat Content: 80%

Ingredients: Cow's milk, lactic cultures, salt.

Declared Possible Allergens: None because it's France. (Cow's milk).

Company Website: (fr) / (En)

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss Paysan Breton's Demi-Sel Beurre Moulé.

This is very beautiful butter. The checked pattern on the label is reminiscent of a French picnic in the sunny countryside in late May. It's a nice, squidgy chunk of happiness on a plate that evokes happiness and satisfaction. It is very good French butter and we are lucky to bask in its glory!

Its aroma is typical French butter- rich, tangy and buttery with a hint of seaside. This one is less pungent than others- the butter is more 'milky' than other more fermented butters.

As you can see, it has a lovely colour to it- rich and opaque; a creamy butter yellow with a slight gloss to it.

On the palate, there is a burst of salt and lactic cultures which mellows into smooth uncomplicated goodness on the palate. It remains rich but light enough to go for seconds. Or thirds. Or you just hide it from the family so you can keep eating it without having to share.

Final Rundown

This is very good French butter. Though not as complex as others, it does exactly what it says 'on the tin' and is an excellent example of butter done very well.

Colour: Opaque butter yellow

Aroma: Lacto fermented dairy

Taste: Uncomplicated French butter: salt, tang, happiness.


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