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Paul Beurre Doux - France

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Beautiful butter comes in all shapes, sizes and packages. Paul's simply-potted butter served with their petit déjeuner français is a total treat. French, elegantly presented and a perfect compliment to their baguette tradition and confitures.

I am a sucker for French style. Simple, elegant, understated, chic... and for me, unattainable. These delightful little pots of butter at #Paul Bakery make me squiggle in my seat like a Corgi waiting for a treat. There's something decadent about peeling off the paper to reveal a cool pat of fresh French butter beneath.

There's a lot in those little pots and I'm proud to say I've never left a single remnant behind. It adds the perfect compliment to their fantastic apricot and strawberry jams which is also served in slightly decadent proportion to their breakfast demi-baguettes.

It's one of those infinitely enjoyable little moments of me-time to escape to their bakeries- all decorated in perfectly-dilapidated wooden furnishings; their black and white chequered floor tiles effortlessly worn, chic and understated. Step into a Paul (or any Le Pain Quotidien, for that matter) and you could be back in France. Except I'm in the Dubai Mall and this Paul, like all the others, has been carefully curated and decorated to a tee. I am very grateful for this quick trip to Europe since I'm not likely to get on a plane any time soon!

Because I am not French, I also order way too much and get a renversé / cafe au lait and a croissant aux amandes et chocolat. A chocolate and almond croissant is what a grown up wants a (deep fried) Mars Bar to be. They're absolutely phenomenal. As soon as you're finished with the butter, make sure you get one of these too.

Speaking of butter, this is our first review of a butter accompanying a restaurant meal. It's an interesting consideration- where does restaurant butter come from? The lovely employees at Paul #TheDubaiMall were happy to help me out and it was a very pleasant surprise! Any guesses as to who our fabulous (presumed) French butter supplier is for our global quaint French patisserie?


Paul Beurre Doux Butter Appreciation

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: 09/05/2020

Country of Origin: France

Point of Procurement: The Dubai Mall, Dubai

Purchase State: Fresh

Milk: Cow, pasteurised

Salt Content: None (Beurre doux = unsalted)

Milk Fat Content: 82%

Ingredients: Pasteurised cow's milk cream, lactic starters

Declared Possible Allergens: Cow's milk

Company Website: or

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss Paul's butter.

And the grand reveal is....

Président Professionnel! Personally, I think buying butter in 10kg blocks is the way to go.

As I am an amateur butter enthusiast, it was nice to learn that Président also has a professional line. Then I thought about it a bit and realised that it was incredibly naïve of me to presume that there wouldn't be. It's the top French butter brand and one of the global leaders. Of course pastry chefs all over the world would rely on them for consistency of product and supply chain.

The butter is decanted into the little Paul pots for customers to enjoy. It arrives cool, snug with a little paper cap. Peeling off the paper adds significantly to the experience. Full marks, well done.

It's a beautiful calm, matte yellow with a faintly salty and fermented aroma which is interesting because it's... unsalted butter. I was definitely getting ahead of myself.

Ooooh, there is nothing like diving into one of these pots with a knife and digging up a butter nugget. The ferments turn up on the palate as well though it's not quite a tang- it's quite gentle. It has a round mouthfeel and is very light. Mercifully, thought its aroma could be termed 'salty' it is devoid of salt on the palate, which allows the baguette to compliment it well.

Adding jam to this little culinary bundle of delights really is the cherry on top (or strawberry?). The whole shebang disappeared remarkably quickly and I regret nothing.

Final Rundown

Paul's Président Beurre Doux is the perfect compliment to a little French bakery experience. It's understated, elegant, comforting and refreshing. Much like my little 'trip' to France without the air travel and faff.

Colour: Light yellow; matte

Aroma: Ferment; faint salt (I could be crazy)

Taste: Clean, fresh, slight ferment


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