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Jersey Dairy Unsalted Butter - UK (Channel Islands)

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Jersey butter! From Jersey! Genuine Jersey! This is our very first pure Jersey Jersey Jersey butter and it did not disappoint. When writers superlatively describe butter in historical fiction, you get this feeling that this is what they're talking about!

Jersey cows might be some of the most adorable cows out there. Though the bulls have a reputation for being ornery, their big doe eyes and sweet little faces are the inspiration for cartoon cows everywhere *cough*Disney*cough*.

For your consideration:

We have friends from Guernsey and Jersey but we've never actually been there ourselves. We are lucky, however, that one of their most famous exports is available to us, even here in Dubai!

Jerseys (and Guernseys) are famous for the hight levels of butterfat and beta carotenes in their milk which makes there butter particularly rich and deep yellow. Indeed, we were not disappointed!


Jersey Dairy Unsalted Butter Appreciation

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: 08/08/2020

Country of Origin: UK (Jersey, Channel Islands)

Point of Procurement: Carrefour, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Purchase State: Fresh

Milk: Jersey cow, pasteurised

Salt Content: Unsalted

Milk Fat Content: Unlisted (presumed min. 80%)

Ingredients: Cream

Declared Possible Allergens: Cow's milk

Company Website:

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss Jersey Dairy's Unsalted butter.

This is deep yellow butter, solid, matte and opaque. It's so yellow it has orange undertones. Despite the fact that there is no declared butterfat content, it's presumably high (and/or the moisture level is low) because this butter has so much structural integrity, it's nearly crumbly... thought it's perhaps better defined as 'squidgy' (technical term). It has good cohesion and continuity.

Granted, the butter is still a bit colder than I would have liked, and given its stiffness, this is contributing to the lack of spread on the bread. Upon warming up, it developed a bit

more of a gloss and spread well. Its aroma is rich and buttery, with complex, sweet notes. On the palate, it's extremely rich with clear dairy goodness. Despite its richness, it has a delicate mouthfeel and is remarkably light.

There's no trace at all of tang or ferment, which makes sense given this is a sweet cream butter. Instead it has almost floral notes and is fresh, buttery and richly balanced.

This stuff is unctuous and it means business. This is one that could lend itself to cooking, baking or finishing off a dish as well as a picnic. Delightful!

Final Rundown

Jersey butter did not disappoint! This is a bold butter that doesn't overdo it. It's rich, has structural integrity but is also fresh and light. It's a wonderful underwriter for bolder flavours and could hold its own on a cheese plate.

Colour: Deep yellow with orange undertones

Aroma: Rich, buttery, sweet

Taste: Sweet, fresh, rich, well balanced


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