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Magnolia Salted Butter - Philippines

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

First Filipino butter! (Also, WHY Philippines but Filipino!? I can't. English is the worst language ever.) Halo halo has nothing on the sugar factor of this stuff!

I had never even contemplated the concept of Filipino butter and I was really excited to see this! All my Filipina colleagues are incredible cooks so it would stand to reason that they cook with tasty ingredients.

Magnolia is a brand I don't recognise since it's not sold in the frozen food section, there I usually shop for butter. Its offerings are refrigerated so it was an excellent opportunity to try out something new.

Let's face it. I know nothing about the dairy industry in the Philippines. So, when in Rome. Or Dubai. Or Manilla. Whatever.


Magnolia Gold Salted Butter Appreciation

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: 25/05/2020

Country of Origin: Philippines

Point of Procurement: Carrefour

Purchase State: Refrigerated

Price/100 g: AED 7.80

Milk: Cow?, pasteurised?

Salt Content: Salted; % not indicated

Ingredients: Butterfat, Water, Iodized Salt, Skim Milk Powder

Declared Possible Allergens: Milk.

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss Magnolia Gold Salted Butter.

Admittedly, this butter was sampled as part of a larger cohort, which was a good thing since we could easily compare the butters.

Me: Okay, which one next?

Girl, 9: This one, please!

Me: Lovely. Filipino, like Ms Anna at school!

G9: Oh yeah! I miss Ms Anna!

Me: This butter is pretty firm.

G9: It's much stronger than the others.

Me: Colour looks good.

G9: Yep.

Me: Oh wow. Smell that.


Me: That is incredible. How does it smell like that?


Me: Yes. Take that out of your mouth, Dingus. Come here.

G9: I WANT TO EAT IT!!!!!!

Me: Okay, go for it. This is definitely Kid Butter (lol).

G9: *eats 3 more samples before I can stop her*

Me: Git.

G9: 5/5. Can I give it 6???

Me: Nope! 3/5. Couldn't possibly eat that. Could definitely bake with it though!

Final Rundown

Dear lord. The food labelling laws in the Philippines must be really different. I can't read the Arabic translation for any supplementary information on the ingredients for the market here but the ingredient list is sparse. The website is updated but also minimal. No easily located further information about our subject.

I assume the milk is of bovine origin and it is pasturised. That's the default, right? There is no indication of the level of salt but it is not a 'light dusting'. Although, there is no listed added colouring on the packaging so unless the presumed cows are eating a lot of presumed forage, I can't make head or tail of it.

How is it so sweet, though? I presume it's the milk powder and it would fascinating to see the production methods and proportions used. I cannot wait to use this in baking, even if I'm less enthused about the milk powder. If only it weren't a 5 day public holiday and I could get my oven fixed...

Colour: Magically, light yellow.

Aroma: Fudge. Wonka's chocolate factory. Tinned custard. Ice cream. Can't stop that smile from slowly spreading across your face.

Taste: Diabetes. Minus the hyperbole, almost unsweetened condensed milk.


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