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Aseel Unsalted Butter - UAE

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Locally produced butter and milk from grass-fed cows in the UAE! WOW!

As I write this it is May 2020. We are all, globally and collectively, enjoying our COVID 19 lockdowns. This leaves us lots of creative time to stress about our online To Do Lists and contemplate the many mysteries of this world, i.e., how does one get locally produced pure butter made with milk from grass-fed cows... in a desert?

The website is very neatly designed but lamentably inconsistently available. Perhaps you will have better luck than I did.


Aseel Unsalted Butter Appreciation

I was excited to try this one as I hadn't appreciated that this is locally produced. I jump at the chance to find out more about it since I'd love to reduce my food miles and find out about grass-fed cows in the UAE. If anyone wants to enlighten me, I'd love to learn about it!

Butter Break Down

Appreciation Date: 25/05/2020

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Point of Procurement: Carrefour (UAE)

Purchase State: Frozen

Price/100 g: AED 3.70

Milk: Cow, Pasteurised

Salt Content: Unsalted

Ingredients: Anhydrous Milk Fat (82%), Water (16%) Milk Solids Not Fat (1%), Mono & Diglycerides (E471), Lecithin (E322), Potassium Sorbate (E202), Beta Carotene (E160a).

Declared Possible Allergens: Milk.

Butter Evaluation

In which we discuss our appreciation for Aseel Unsalted Butter.

Scale & Photo by Justine Elamatha.

Girl, 9: Oh wow, it's very strong!

Me: You mean how it's firm?

G9: Yes! It's much harder than the others! (Forgive her. We really are talking about butter, here.)

Photo by Justine Elamatha.

Me: How's the aroma?

G9: I'm... not sure.

Me: You're right- there's hardly any aroma at all! All I can smell is the packaging, but only faintly!

Photo by Justine Elamatha.

Me: Huh. Tastes really creamy.

G9: Yes, it tastes like OIL!! (This, for her, is high praise. This girl lives for The Oil.)

Me: It literally tastes like fresh cream. Nice.

G9: 5/5!

Me: Yeah, it's good but for me it's 4/5.

The Final Run Down

This is a nice, light, creamy butter. I realise that for industrial production, butter needs some help but I couldn't help but wonder if those mono and diglycerides were really necessary. Also, I'm going to have to research what Anhydrous Milk Fat is. Maybe I shouldn't and continue to indulge...


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